Who Is Entitled to Alimony in an Oklahoma Divorce Case?

Many questions arise after a couple decides to file for divorce. One of the main concerns is property division, who gets what after the separation, who gets the custody of any children, and spousal support. Spousal support or alimony is a major concern for divorced couples, but it is not always awarded – and this can be confusing for some people.

The main purpose of alimony is to provide the disadvantaged spouse with an funds need to be able to look after himself or herself after divorce. Spousal support can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary alimony means that the support needs to be provided up until the other spouse is back on his/her feet. Permanent spousal support is awarded when the spouse is unable to support themselves due to an illness or disability, or in cases where where self-support becomes difficult.

Factors that Determine the Award of Alimony in Oklahoma 

According to Oklahoma family law, no divorce court can enter an award of spousal support except in cases where a party can demonstrate the need for alimony and the opposing party’s capability to pay for the support. 

The court commonly looks at the:

  • Duration of marriage
  • Financial needs of the party seeking alimony
  • Ability of the other spouse to pay alimony
  • Earning potential of both parties
  • Economic difficulties as a result of the marriage
  • Living standards of both parties before and during the marriage
  • Amounts and duration of the requested payments 

Spouses who have foregone employment opportunities or advancement of their careers for the sake of their marriage are likely to be awarded support. A stay at home dad or mum who remains at home to raise the kids and manage the home is entitled to alimony. A party who has been actively involved in providing a healthy home environment is usually entitled to spousal support as the law recognizes that, in so doing, a career was likely sacrificed.

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