Consulting an Attorney over Native American Legal Issues

Native Americans living in the United States are governed by the Indian Law and the state laws, a combination which creates a unique business and legal environment for them. In addition, Native Americans are recognized as a sovereign tribe with the right to make their own laws. They have tribal council, tribal laws and a tribal chairman responsible for the implementation of these laws.

Suing a Native American Tribe

Suing an Indian tribe is often difficult because of the issue of sovereign immunity. A tribe is only subject to suit when the congress decides to go ahead, or when the immunity is waived by the tribe. However, one can sue a Native tribe through a subject matter jurisdiction. This means that the court gets to listen to the case because of the subject the case involves. 

Contract laws for example, are governed by state laws. This gives the court the right to hear the cases concerning the signed contracts.

Tort laws and state criminal laws are also enforceable on Native Americans.

Faced with a Native American Legal Issue? Rick Dane Moore Can Help 

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