Military Divorce Rates Stagnating, but Still High

The state of Oklahoma is known for many things: tornadoes, the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. What the state is also unfortunately known for, however, is having a high divorce rate.

With a divorce rate of 13.45%, Oklahoma currently ranks as being the state with the highest overall divorce rate in the nation. Approximately 32% of Oklahoma adults who have ever walked down the aisle and said, “I do” have been divorced.

Military Divorce Rates Across the Country

One area of divorce which has been receiving a lot of attention lately is military divorce. Within the past year, the Pentagon revealed that the military divorce rate over the 2013 fiscal year was 3.4%.

But there were many more shocking statistics that were shared as well:

  • The divorce rate was much higher in military women in 2013 at 7.2%
  • Enlisted troops had a divorce rate of 3.8%
  • The divorce rate among officers was 1.9%
  • The Air Force had the highest divorce rate among enlisted troops at 4.3%
  • The US Navy Seals had a divorce rate of over 90%

Special Considerations for a Military Divorce

A military divorce will differ from a typical civilian divorce in four key areas:

  • Where You Can File For Divorce
    • Couples involved in a military divorce will have to take special care where they file for divorce
    • In most cases, couples can file for divorce in a state where:
      1. The military spouse is a resident or domiciled
      2. In a state which both you and your spouse agree to file
  • How Your Support Will Be Calculated
    • The child and spousal support which a military service member will pay will largely be controlled by the state which has jurisdiction over both parties
    • There may be some additional special considerations, including how the support will be calculated and how support order will be enforced while the service member is deployed
    • Service members are legally required to support their children
      1. Failure to comply can result in:
        1. Sanctions
        2. Fines
        3. Separation from military service
  • How Custody and Visitation Will Work
    • Custody and visitation is often complicated due to the fact that the military service member may endure frequent moves and may be unsure as to where he or she will be stationed next.
  • How Benefits Will Be Determined
    • The benefits which a service member receives as a member of the military are subject to division in a military divorce. There are some special issues, however, which affect a military divorce and do not come into play in a civilian divorce.

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