Homeowner Returns to Find Yellow Home Gray

A news story began circulating the World Wide Web in early 2016 about a Louisiana woman who painted her house yellow. Her neighbors made it clear that they disapproved of her color choice, but as she did not live in a planned community which was controlled by a homeowner’s association (HOA), she believed was free to paint her home whatever color she chose.

The woman was away on two weeks vacation, and upon her return nearly drove by her own house because her once-cheery yellow home was now a more natural and mundane shade of gray. It appears that the neighbors had taken advantage of her absence and engaged a painter to repaint “their” house. Because they didnt set foot on the property and the painter had a legal work order for the painting to be performed, the homeowner had no other choice but to take her neighbors to court.

Can I Paint My House Any Color I Want?

This situation which was first posted on the forum site “Reddit” brought about an interesting question. Can homeowners paint their home any color they wish? Where do the limits lie?

In a number of communities here in Oklahoma, there are certain things which every homeowner must or must not do in order to maintain the appeal and the appearance of a neighborhood. These items are all written into the deed of each home or piece of property and are referred to as “covenants”. HOAs are known for having stringent covenants or rules which homeowners must abide by.

What Happens If a Covenant Is Broken?

If a covenant is broken, the immediate effect is that the neighborhood may lose its appeal and value. This is a burden to all homeowners in the neighborhood, including the homeowner who has broken the covenant.

Should a property owner break a covenant, then one may need to seek an injunctive remedy from a court. This requires the expert handling of a trial lawyer but it will result in an order which will demand that the person stop breaking the covenant on their property.

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