Mother Places Son for Adoption on Craigslist

It was only a few months ago when many pet lovers on Craigslist were shocked to find an adoption advertisement placed for a mother’s 10 month old son.

A desperate mother created a post under the “Pets” section on the Oklahoma City Craigslist asking someone to adopt her child. In the post the mother stated that the father of the child passed away when she was four months pregnant and that life has been “treating [her] on the bad side” and that she had no other option.

Illegal to Go Around Legal Channels

In the state of Oklahoma, the adoption process must go through the proper legal channels and it is illegal to try to adopt your child on a website.

The first step to legally adopting a child in our state is to file a Petition for Adoption with the Court. This shows the Court that you understand that:

  • You are knowingly becoming the parents of the child; and
  • You know what it means to be a parent

If you already know the biological parents and they agree to the adoption, the process will likely be fairly straightforward. The biological parents will provide consent before a judge, sign away their rights to the children, and the new parents will need to undergo some background checks. Children will stay with the new parents temporarily until an entity such as the Oklahoma Department of Family Services checks in with you periodically.

Once the steps are completed, the Court will then issue the new parents a final adoption order.

When You May Require Legal Assistance

A private adoption can be very complicated, and a lot of paperwork and an understanding of the law is required. In these situations it is important to retain an attorney.

It is also important to note that each adopting parent must participate in the pre-placement home study and be approved for the adoption, and that the birth parents of the child must consent to the adoption. In some situations you may be able to have a birth parents’ rights terminated by the Court.

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