Understanding Child Custody in Oklahoma

The separation of two parents is a confusing and overwhelming time for children as well as their parents. There is a lot of new information, new details and new terms which everyone must deal with, with custody being one of the most impactful on a family.

The State of Oklahoma recognizes that in most situations, children thrive best when both parents have a meaningful and stable involvement in the lives of their children. The courts realize that each parent has a unique and valuable contribution to make to the development of a child.

Are There Different Types of Custody?

Oklahoma family courts typically favor “joint” custody, meaning that both parents share in making major decisions about the life of their child. This means that both parents have an equal role in deciding:

  • Where their child goes go school
  • What medical treatment the child receives
  • What sports/religious services the child is involved in

Parents are also allowed to spend a significant amount of time with both children.

In a situation where sole custody is assigned, one parent has the right to make all decisions for the child without the permission of the other parent. The non-custodial parent usually is still able to receive “standard visitation”, though what that means for a parent will vary from county to county (typically it involves every other weekend and one weekly overnight visit).

Oklahoma also allows for “split” custody (when each parent receives custody of one or more children) and allows for “birdnesting”, a unique situation where the child will stay in the family home and the parents rotate in and out so that they can exercise their rightful and scheduled visitation time.

What Are the Different Types of Visitation Ordered by the Court?

There are three different types of visitation which the court may order:

  • Weekend visitation (typically from Friday to Sunday evening or Monday morning)
  • Summer visitation (uninterrupted by a weekend visitation)
  • Holiday visitation (typically a schedule which will alternate certain holidays)

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