Supreme Court Denies Adoption of Choctaw Child

In mid-January 2017 the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a child custody claim regarding a Choctaw child who had been placed with her extended family in Utah under the terms of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

A California court decided to remove the child known as Lexi from her Santa Clarita foster family. The family has been fighting the law in an attempt to adopt her.

Since spring of 2016 Lexi has been living with her extended family which includes her sister. She will continue to be raised in the Choctaw tradition.

Common Challenges Families Face Throughout The Adoption Process


The financial challenges of an adoption largely depend on the agency you choose.

  • Private adoption agencies often have higher adoption fees and expenses in comparison to a public agency
  • Expect the adoption fee to be higher if you are adopting a child who is a foreign national
  • Your expenses may increase if you agree to pay for the expenses of the birth mother’s hospital and medical bills


The adoption process presents numerous emotional challenges for the adoptive parents, the child, the family unit, and the birth parents. An adopted child may not be able to adjust with your family, for example, or you may realize that you are not able to handle the special parenting challenges which come with an adopted child.

As adopted children grow older another unique set of emotional challenges may arise. The child will likely be curious about her birth parents, question her sense of identity, and be wondering why she her birth parents allowed for the adoption.


The case above involves more legalities than many other adoption cases. But no adoption is not without its own unique set of legal challenges.

One of the most common legal issues which an adoptive family may face is that both birth parents are unaware of the adoption. A birth mother, for example, may have agreed to give up her child for adoption but the birth father may not have yet relinquished his rights to the child. This can result in a number of lengthy and costly legal hassles.

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