Unconventional Family Agree to Tri-Custody Arrangement

Last month a New York judge was tasked with sorting out a seldom encountered child custody issue: a tri-custody agreement.

The father of the 10-year-old boy and his wife had struggled to conceive for quite some time. The couple then met their new neighbor and the three began to engage in “intimate relations” with one another. The neighbor consequently became pregnant.

The three adults and one child considered themselves to be a family and planned to raise the boy together. But one year after the child was born, the neighbor/mother of the child and the wife left the home shared with the father and chose to move in together, taking the child with them.

Wife Wanted Tri-Custody Agreement, Father Did Not

The wife was in favor of a tri-custody agreement, but the father was not. The judge in the case found that the child was “well adjusted” and that because he loved his father and his two mothers, custodial rights would be awarded to the two biological parents as well as to the wife. According to the judge, anything other than joint custody would have “devastating consequences” to the child.

Different Types of Custody for Different Families

In Oklahoma, there are two different types of custody:

  1. Legal custody
  2. Physical custody

Legal custody allows parents to receive information about the child and to make decisions about a number of important issues, including:

  • Education
  • Religious practice
  • Medical care
  • Physical custody is who the child will live with for the majority of the time, if not always (sole physical custody)

Joint Custody and Joint Custody Arrangements

Having joint custody means that parents who are not living together still share the responsibilities of making decisions for the child. Joint custody can come in one or both of the following forms:

  • Joint legal custody
  • Joint physical custody

Though a joint custody agreement parents can arrange for set periods of time for when the child will be with them, and when they will be with the other parent. Parents may choose to alternate weeks and/or weekends on a regular basis, and have a monthly or annual schedule for holidays.

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