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Rick Dane Moore and Associates Law Firm is a general practice firm with a focus in the area of business litigation. We handle partnership disputes, business dissolutions, and business negotiations of all types, as well as employment agreements and employment agreement enforcement. We run the gamut of business litigation issues and we will tailor our approach to the needs of the client. We are very client-oriented and we operate in as a team with the client.

Our business law attorneys in Norman make the client part of our team and empower the client so that they assist in directing the course of either the negotiation, planning, or litigation at all stages — whether it is the formation of the organization, the dissolution of the organization, or any points in between. Mr. Moore’s background allows him to do this because he has been through those different phases personally as a shareholder, an executive, and an owner of a closely-held business organization.

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Helping You Successfully Resolve Your Business Dispute

As far as business litigation is concerned, most of the cases do go to court. Probably the best way to resolve legal issues is to not simply threaten to go to court but to actually go to court. Then, the other side understands that you mean business. To have a successful negotiation, it is necessary to obtain the high ground and we try to accomplish that very early on.

In business disputes, you can often obtain the high ground because they involve injunctions, which are equitable remedies that occur at the beginning of the litigation rather than legal remedies which happen after you go to trial. Equitable remedies are considered by the judge early on. An example would be the appointment of a receiver who would operate a business during the time that the litigation is ongoing.

Oftentimes, that is a very good opportunity for a settlement with the other parties. They realize they are going to lose control and lose the income stream and it is going to be dissipated by a receivership. The other party becomes more willing to settle. The short of it is, one does not obtain results by inaction. One obtains results by going forward—in trial work, that would be by filing a petition or a complaint.

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We are organized around the teaming concept. Our business lawyers in Norman focus on a client’s issues and work on them non-stop to affect a positive outcome. We do that principally by including the client in every step. The client knows more about the case. We get the client involved in assisting and writing the narratives. We also very much rely upon technology to assist us, particularly in communications so that we can include the client. We have excellent discipline and complete tasks quickly. The one who is quickest oftentimes prevails. There is an old saying: He who hesitates is lost. So, in litigation particularly, always being on the offensive will help you prevail and that requires a kind of proactivity.

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“Not only were they very professional but, they were quick with results. I am very satisfied.”

- Kori
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